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I am thrilled to announce we will have the gorgeous boys from Inakin (previously known as “The Days After” at our event on 19th May at Sharks.

Check them out at: www.inakin.com.au or www.myspace.com/inakin

Here is some info on them:

Current Australian GBOB winners, Inakin (formally & only briefly known as ‘The Days After’) ..are a four piece rock band from Sydney comprising front man, Josh on guitar and vocals, Shane “Buddha” on lead guitar + BV’s and Aaron on drums. After their scintillating performance in the GBOB final at the London Astoria last December, Steve Lillywhite, producer to U2 and Dave Matthews, approached Inakin to pass on his praises.

All talented musicians in their 20s, The band have been together for just over a year and, in that time, have supported such Australian icons as Jimmy Barnes and The Little River Band, plus Thirsty Merc, The Radiators, Diesel, Mental As Anything and Jenny Morris.

Inakin write clever lyrics packaged in a mature sound which is best heard live to fully appreciate their collective sonic genius. The sound is original and edgy, and holds audiences transfixed with fan favourites including Shades of Prize, Downslide, Walk On, Fix That and Underworld.

The band already have a fan base stretching across the globe and one can only assume that their extensive charm will reach wider audiences than even they thought possible. .


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We have had some exciting additions to our already impressive line-up..

Our Host is the gorgeous Darren McMullen from Arena Tv (Exclusive, The Lair).

We are also thrilled to announce the additions of:

Krystal Forscutt (Big Brother 06)
Jo Cowling (The Biggest Loser 2006)

Dr Lachlan Hinds
Greg Tingle (Media Man Australia)
Sandy Thomas

Keep your eyes peeled for Bios / Interviews and new names as they pop up!


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By Jac Bowie

I’m here with Lachlan Hinds, one of our guest speakers at the upcoming Once In A Blue Moon charity event.
Lachlan, can you tell me about more about what you do?

Sure, the terms I am classified by are a Homoeopath and counselor, ‘spiritual’ counselor specifically. What I do within these terms is first of all listen to where people are at, then look for lines of clarity within what is often presented as a series of confusions about where they are in life – and most importantly, so very importantly, give people effective psychological tools they can use to help them progress on their way. People are only with me for one or two hours a week at the most – that is a lot of time with ‘themselves’. You give people things to apply and use when they are living their daily life.. and you can really start to see changes quite quickly.

What made you want to pursue this career?

It is one of those convoluted series of life experience scenarios, but basically, after a few years of traveling and searching when I was young, I was offered work and travel around the world on the luxury yacht I was working on at the time in the Mediterranean. That is a big offer let me say. It was something that caused me to think and feel what I really wanted, both immediately and in life. I realised I wanted to pursue a path which involved working with people at a depth , and also in a way that you were not in a trap of doing the same thing over and over day to day.

Thus I followed the insight, began studying the next year and 20 years later here I am.

I hear that dream interpretation involves symbolic meanings. For example, when your mother features in your dreams – it relates to your future self? Is that correct? Can you explain to me a bit about this?

Ah, here is a classic scenario. Dream symbols are so not fixed entities. It isn’t that it isn’t correct outright Jac, it is that it may be correct in certain circumstances of occurrence and not correct in others..or… more aptly, it may represent one layer or aspect of a dream in this meaning sense, however convey and entirely more poignant meaning if looked at and evolved in a different way. You need to find the dream ‘theme’ before you can really find what the symbols within the dream are about (you may gather I am not a huge fan of dream ‘interpretation’ books – the more fixed the given meaning of a symbol is, the narrower and shallower will be the unfoldment and analysis of the dream)

It is the symbolic meaning of dreams – when they are beyond any literal connotations – that gives them depth, impact , dynamism and a healing ability to reach the deepest parts of our complex psyche. Great question with a huge answer. So much could be said here.

You also run a Dream’s Workshop?

Yes, I run these workshops regularly. They are a great way to get a ‘crash course’ in getting to know how to gain the fundamentals of unraveling your dreams. They end up being quite a bit of fun too, as it is important that all this is not taken with too much gravity. Dreams cover big , personal subjects and it is important to keep the balance of living life in a buoyant way.

Can you explain to me what Metaphysics is?

In essence “Metaphysics” deals with that which is beyond the ‘physical’. So you are looking into realms of experience which do not fit very well into laboratory analysis conditions. This entails a huge area, as it is an umbrella term. A quick way to reference it is to think of metaphysics as referring to ‘anything out of the ordinary’. You are looking at a field which covers, in part, people’s visions, dreams, ability to achieve life goals, seeing and/or sensing energies around people and in people. Most people are aware if the y are standing or sitting next to someone who is very angry they can ‘feel’ the anger in this person, either as a ‘vibe’ (so ‘sixties’ I know, but a great term nonetheless) or in some other way. This is an experience of metaphysics. You can’t measure it, but it is an experience and sensation that most people have. Metaphysics caters for people who have this sense to very refined degrees – and you can teach them to use to get to know themselves so much better too is the interesting thing. It is all about growth into knowing ourselves and others better – through understanding we have a good start to becoming better people quietly in ourselves.

It is amazing what BeyondBlue is doing in terms of raising awareness of Depression and its related illnesses. What kind of services do you offer for people with depression?

I find the homeopathic remedies, when applied well are a great benefit in themselves, particularly when combines with a good consultation. I am a classical style homeopath, so I use a fairly deep consultation process to find an individual remedy for that person. It is quite different to say, a general ‘prescription’ of St. johns wort for depression, let’s say. Each person experiences their state differently and it is my role to cater for this. I use this in combination with counseling and basically assisting the person to understand themselves better through whatever means possible.

I hear you are also an entertainer – can you tell me a bit more about this?

‘entertainer’ – I hadn’t really thought of myself in this term sense. Well, I have done a music cd (for charity) and I’ve performed in and produced several stage productions of ancient Egyptian Ceremonies, as well as playing dijeridoo and Tibetan instruments for a couple of decades at public performance level – and as backing for traditional story tellers. Also I believe that whenever we are given the honour to speak publicly, we need to ‘entertain’ the audience, not simply talk them blind with information – whatever subject we need to bring it to life for those listening, then it can live in their minds for them to do as they wish.

I have noticed we both are MySpace addicts, tell me about how that is playing a part in life personally and with your business?

In life it has brought contact with a range of wonderful people – I have been fortunate to have had all positive experiences on Myspace. I have a wonderful and diverse range of friends, as I do in life and as reflects me in who I am. As for business, well this is my first experience in any sense along those lines. It is a little ‘playground’ for me (as one of my friends ‘Alchemy’ would say), a personal space to relax in and interact with those whom i wish to at the time. I truly love what I do and so at some point, one leads to the other.

Which living person do you most admire and why?

There was a simple book written some time ago called “Meetings with Remarkable Men” … it was all about people of no famous notoriety who faced their inner and outer struggles in their own way – in order to gain whatever each one considered forward progress in their life. To choose only one I admire most is difficult – there are many, and they are certain few among the many I meet who on the outside blend into the crowd, on the ‘inside’ they are indeed remarkable and achieve many things, the majority of these tumultuous achievements are little seen, noticed by few, though their positive effects are astounding. These are the people I admire…. for their courage in pursuing what they feel is their right path, often in the face of adversity and non recognition.

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Once In A Blue Moon is a charity event being produced by Jac Bowie PR & Events early in 2007 to raise money for donation to BeyondBlue – our national organisation for depression and it’s related illnesses and effects.

This event will be held on the 19th of May 2007 at Sharkies Cronulla in the Sutherland Shire, an area which has one of the highest rates of youth suicide in the World.

Some of Australia’s top Musicians, Comedians, Magicians, Dancers, Artists will come together for this one night only event to raise money and awareness for this tragic issue that effects so many of us.

There has been an overwhelming response from Artists wanting to contribute and we are thrilled to announce we have confirmed the following:

Sally Polihronas (ex Bardot)
Krystal Forscutt (Big Brother 06)
Lorelei & Sarina (Australia’s Top Showgirl Duo)
Adam Mada (Magician Extraordinaire)
Lola The Vamp (Burlesque Superstar)
Alissha Willis (FHM/ ZOO)
Col Ray Price (Musician)
Mikael Hines (ex Guernica)

We have just confirmed that the amazing band Ego Therapy will be reuniting for this event!

We are confirming acts all the time, so check back here to see the last additions to this fabulous line-up.

If you would like to contribute to this huge event, please email jac@loreleiandsarina.com asap xx





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